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Morph Tales Children Bedtime Stories

About Morph Tales

Enjoy a variety of personalized, interactive, educational children's stories that are perfect for bedtime, naptime, storybook reading time, fun time, anytime with your children.

We designed this fun app for parents, teachers, caregivers, and anyone who reads to young children. We included stories for all ages up to 8 years old.

These morph stories allow your child to imagine what it is like to morph into an animal such as a Dinosaur, an object such as a Crayon, or something found in nature such as a Cloud.

These children's stories include fun facts so that your child learns along with being entertained.

The stories allow you to include your child as a character in the story. You can enter your child’s name in the Personalize section and watch as they become characters and make choices that determine how the story will proceed.

Most of the stories include the option to play sounds that can enrich your child’s listening experience. We made the conscious decision, however, to avoid illustrations in order to better enhance your child’s ability to exercise and stretch their imagination.

At the end of each story, there is a discussion section to enrich the story-reading experience and learning activity.

We welcome constructive feedback on anything you see in one of our apps or even on the website. We especially would like to hear which morph tale is your favorite.

We hate spam and spambots. To defeat them, we don't use a bot for contact. So do it the old-fashioned way and address your email to morphfeedback. Then the usual at symbol. Then our domain which I hope you know is morphtales dot com! Talk to you soon.